Civil & Litigation

Finding Resolutions for Disputes & Disagreements

When disputes and disagreements arise that you can’t settle agreeably, it often becomes time to have an attorney step in to assist. Michelle’s first goal is to try to act as a conduit to facilitate a way to reach a resolution. If the matter is just not one that allows for resolution because the other party has breached a contract, violated your rights, or engaged in conduct that requires a court’s intervention, or we just cannot reach resolution, then Michelle is here to help you. She will discuss with you which court is appropriate to file your complaint in, get your filings prepared and guide you through the court process every step of the way. Michelle’s goal is always to find a resolution that is your best interest, whether that is through settlement or trial and to give you her honest advise and opinion.

Michelle has the experience to find unique resolutions that work for you. She has spent decades in courtrooms throughout the state and has encountered every kind of issue there is. Michelle is here for you and she can help you navigate whatever dispute you encounter. Call 410-463-6296 or send the firm an email today.